About Me

About Me

I started taking pictures when I was 10 years old, using a tiny 110 film camera. At 13, I bought myself a beginner SLR camera and I've been taking pictures ever since. Whether at school or on vacation, I was always taking pictures (imagine if I'd had an iPhone back then). At the time, my favorite subjects were my siblings and our dog. 

In 1997, I started offering videography services, but a few years later, when digital SLRs became affordable, I returned to my first passion, photography. 

In 2005, I opened a small studio and started my journey as a portrait, fashion and beauty photographer. I love photographing people, whether it is to create memories or art. 

In 2013 I closed my St. Louis studio and in 2014 I relocated to New Jersey. I continue to photograph people, but now focus on outdoor and location work instead of studio work.

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"No one ever achieved greatness by playing it safe.”

— Harry Gray

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